International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the first week of October 2018

Ammonium sulphate: International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the first week of October 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-10-8 17:12:29

9.27-10.4 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

Global urea prices have remained firm this week as urea prices continue to climb. The supply of products is relatively tight, and demand from Brazil will be stronger next month. Due to the National Day Golden Week holiday, China’s prices have remained stable.

Northwestern Europe: Standard grade ammonium sulfate prices continue at $130-148/ton FOB Northwest Europe. Due to the increase in urea and nitrate prices in the region, sellers are trying to push the price of November delivery to close to $150/ton FOB Northwest. Insufficient export supplies from the Baltic and Black Seas continue to support the price of ammonium sulphate in Europe. This week, a buyer from northwestern Europe completed the fourth quarter of contract settlement within the current market price range. Traders said the standard ammonium sulphate price was 115-120 euros / ton FOB Antwerp (132-138 US dollars / ton). The supply of European granular ammonium sulphate is still very tight, with prices between $170-$180/tonne FOB Northwest.

Baltic/Black Sea: SBU has sold all its products in October on the domestic market. The Lithuanian buyer it received was quoted at $145/ton FOB, but no products were available for sale. NLMK has agreed with Lithuania’s Granmax and Russia’s Phosagro on the price of coking ammonium sulphate in October. The NLMK will be shipped to Granmax for $120/ton cpt Draugyste, up from $100/ton last month. Altai-Koks also belongs to the NLMK group of companies and will ship to Granmax for $130/ton cpt Draugyste. The price is higher due to transportation costs. NLMK and Altai-Koks will also provide Phosagro with a VPT-free 6500-7000 rubles/ton ($99-107/tonne) cpt Koshta in October, up from 5400-5600 rubles/ton cpt Koshta last month. Schekinoazot expects to produce 6,500 tons of granular ammonium sulphate and 6,000 tons of standard ammonium sulphate in October. The company has already sold all standard ammonium sulphate in October in the country, but with the end of the Russian demand season, granular ammonium sulphate will be available in October-November. Buyers bid between the Belarusian and Polish ton bags of granular ammonium sulfate for a price of $180-185/ton dap border station. MMK has sold approximately 2,000 tons of coked ammonium sulphate to the Apatit plant in Phosagro for a price of approximately 6,500 roubles per ton of cpt Koshta, excluding VAT.

Turkey: Most market participants have a very low interest because they have protection before November and the financial crisis. In the past month, China’s export prices have been declining due to lack of demand in Turkey.

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