International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the second week of April 2018

Ammonium sulphate: International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the second week of April 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-4-13 16:52:01

4.5-4.12 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

Russia: The latest offer from the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea for April-May is fob $120/ton. Only a small amount of goods are available for export during the 40-day window period.

Central America: Incofe held a tender on April 12 to purchase 24,000 tons of standard ammonium sulphate and 3,000 tons of granular ammonium sulphate, which will be shipped to Quatzal Port in Guatemala and La Union in Salvador in May.

China: Due to weak purchases in April, the price of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate in China has dropped to fob108-113 USD/ton. Most of the supply was digested by the Southeast Asian and domestic markets, but supply levels and exports were basically balanced in April. When demand in the second quarter appears later this month, prices will get some support. The demand for steel grade ammonium sulphate market remains good, while the price difference of caprolactam ammonium sulphate in April and May will be reduced to less than $10/ton.

Philippines: It is reported that Atlas has purchased 6,000 tons of Chinese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate at a price of US$130/ton cfr in May. The freight rate from China to the Philippines from the southern port is US$22/ton, and the freight from the northern port is US$26/ton.

Indonesia: In addition to other products, Kujang will tender for 5,000 tons of ammonium sulphate on April 13. Prices in Southeast Asia range from $130 to $135/ton cfr. Indonesia’s January imports of ammonium sulphate rose 45% year-on-year to 125,000 tons, of which 118,000 tons came from China.

Brazil: During the off-season, the price of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate continues to remain at $140-145/ton. Granular ammonium sulphate from Europe and China meets most of the demand, with spot prices of $175-185/tonne CFR.

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