International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in Week 4, February 2019

Ammonium Sulfate: International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in Week 4, February 2019

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2019-3-1 15:39:42
2.21-2.28 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

Northwestern Europe: The supply of granular ammonium sulphate in northwestern Europe was tight in March, with most producers stocking low or sold out. The tight market has attracted another batch of Chinese extruded ammonium sulphate cargo ships. Ameropa will load 25,000 tons of cargo at Lhakou to La Palis from March 1st to 10th. Some of Fertilore’s Chinese grainy goods arrived in France in March but have been sold out. European spot buyers seeking standard grades are quoted at FOB 120-125 EUR/ton, equivalent to FOB 137-142 USD/ton. According to the lower end of season sales CFR price of $ 140 / ton, the standard grade of Brazilian NetbacksFOB price is about 120-122 US dollars / ton.

Turkey: Gemlik will enter the market in March to deliver standard and granular ammonium sulphate in March/April. The most recent sales price for caprolactam in Turkey was $140/ton cfr, but the buyer hopes the new price will be below $140/ton cfr. Based on the current FOB level in China and the freight rate of more than US$20/ton, in the case of pre-tax write-offs, the quotation must be at the median of more than $140/ton cfr, while the European producers are at least $150 on a cash basis. / ton cfr.

Spain: The total export volume for the whole year of 2018 was 293,960 tons, an increase of 20% over the 246,325 tons in 2017. France is still a major importer with an import volume of 94,000 tons, slightly higher than the 90,000 tons in 2017. Other major exporting countries include (in the previous year’s brackets): Italy 43,000 tons (33,000 tons), Brazil 33,000 tons (2000 tons), Morocco 26,000 tons (21,000 tons) and Greece 26,000 tons (16,000 tons) ).

Ukraine: According to traders, the supply of extruded and standard grade ammonium sulphate was tight in March. According to reports, the standard ammonium sulfate sales price is 6,900 horsepower / ton, equivalent to 257 US dollars / ton.

Russia: Kuaz will supply compressed-grade large bags at a price of Rs 13,000/t fca Samara (equivalent to USD 197/t) and will be shipped from April to May. Russian producers did not have a quantity for export in March, and domestic buyers are expected to receive available tonnage.

China: Most manufacturers offer caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate at a price of $110-112/tonne FOB for March and a target price of $113/ton for Fujian Shenyuan. According to reports, a manufacturer has sold 22,000 tons this week, the price is about 110 US dollars / ton FOB. The price of extrusion grade coking grade products has risen by about 15 yuan/ton to 530-535 yuan/ton this week.

Southeast Asia: Demand has risen in Southeast Asia as buyers return to the market. Trade is expected to be active in March and April.

Taiwan: According to GTT data, Taiwan’s total exports in 2018 were 459,799 tons, slightly higher than the 432,463 tons in 2017. Includes year-round exports (brackets from the previous year): Malaysia 219,000 tons (215,000 tons). Vietnam has 120,000 tons (123,000 tons), Indonesia 85,000 tons (26,000 tons) and the Philippines 19,000 tons (18,000 tons).

India: Smartchem Technologies Ltd. canceled the tender for the purchase of 15-20 million tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate on February 15. The price is above the target level of $130/ton.

South Korea: South Korea’s total exports in January were 102,628 tons, double the amount in January 2017. Exports in January included 53,000 tons for Turkey, 28,000 tons for Mexico and 22,000 tons for the United States.

Thailand: Thailand imported 115,204 tons of ammonium sulphate in 2018, down from 206,993 tons in 2017. In 2018, China remained a major supplier, but imports fell by more than 50,000 tons to 100,013 tons.

Central America: Incofe completed a tender on February 26 to purchase a total of 28,947 tons of fertilizer, including 5,000 tons of internal grade (4000 tons of St. Thomas and 1,000 tons of Cortes) and 5,350 tons of granular ammonium sulfate, respectively Loaded by 2,400 tons of Cortez, 2,200 tons of Barranquilla and 750 tons of Cortes from April 1st to 10th.

Brazil: The market for ammonium sulphate is quiet. For extruded grade ammonium sulphate, the price has dropped to $170/ton cfr and the high quality is close to $185/ton CFR. European producers offer quality products at around $200/tonne CFR, but buyers are expected to be below this level in their next purchase this quarter. Demand is expected to pick up in April/May. Dreymoor will load 10,000 tons of loose cargo in the first half of March. This week, Lanx is loading 25,000 tons of cargo in February and discussing the cargo in March.

Mexico: This week, Mexico’s import demand has surfaced again. Buyers estimate that 4- to 45,000 tons of ammonium sulfate are required for use in March/April. It is believed that Mexican buyers have purchased two March/April cargo ships from Samsung. The East Coast port is quoted at $153-154/ton cfr, and the West Coast offer is $10/ton higher, with South Korea’s FOB price at around $120/ton.

US: A batch of 10,000 tons of extruded grade ammonium sulphate has been sold to a US distributor, which was combined with other fertilizers from the Baltic Sea in March. Prices are as high as $170/ton fob.

Morocco: Statistics for the full year of 2018 show that Morocco’s ammonium sulphate imports have increased 56% from last year’s 73,055 tons to 113,922 tons. Belgua and Spain are still two major suppliers, with 31,000 tons and 26,000 tons respectively in 2018, accounting for 49% of total imports.

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