International market trend of ammonium sulfate in the second week of May 2019

Ammonium sulfate: International market trend of ammonium sulfate in the second week of May 2019
Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2019-5-10 15:22:50
5.2-5.9 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

China: The supply of standard grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate is still tight. The inventory in May has been basically sold out, and only a small batch of goods can be shipped from the Yangtze River port this month. Goods shipped in the first half of June were at a price of US$115/tonne or higher. This week’s FOB price is $113-114/ton. According to the tender from May 1st to June 1st, Incofe purchased about 24,000 tons of standard caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate and 4,000 tons of extruded granules from Agrifert Liven. These products will be combined with special fertilizers on June 1st. Shipped to the 10th. The net price of standard ammonium sulphate is believed to return to $115/tonne FOB, while the FOB price of extruded pellets will be as high as $140/ton. The tight supply of raw materials supports the strong price of ammonium sulphate. The current price of Chinese producers is 145-148 US dollars / ton FOB, and the sales report is 145-146 US dollars / ton FOB.

Philippines: Filipino buyers continue to enquire about shipments at the end of May and June. This week, there was an inquiry for 12,000 tons at the end of May and Davao for 6,000 tons in June. Traders are offering Chinese standard grade products at a high price of $130/ton cfr and shipped in June.

Sri Lanka: There is a 3,000-tonne inquiry about the standard and ammonium sulphate, which is delivered to Sri Lanka in mid-June. The Chinese production price is around $140/ton cfr.

Black Sea, Baltic Sea: SBU Azot has sold 3000-6000 tons of standard domestic grade ammonium sulfate, shipped to Turkey in May, and two more batches of 3,000 tons were transferred to Turkey from April. This price is $120/ton fob Novorossiysk, which is the same as the last transaction price. From May 1st to 10th, in South Rostov, 3,000 tons of cargo was loaded to Bandarma, Turkey, and there was a freight inquiry. SBU Azot supplies 5,000 tons of standard internal grade ammonium sulphate and is shipped from Kotka in May. The price suggestion is $125-127/ton FOB.

Turkey: Turkish buyers have been inquiring about 15,000 to 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate and will be shipped to the southern port of Turkey in June, but after the news of the re-election of the mayoral election in Istanbul, the lira depreciated and they took a wait-and-see attitude. attitude.

There was a small inquiries about a small shipment to Samsun immediately, but since the Russian supplier’s goods were now sold out, the goods shipped from the Black Sea in May had been sold out, so the deal was not fulfilled.

Northwestern Europe: Demand for ammonium sulphate decreases as the demand season ends. The supplier’s standard product price for European buyers is $130-135/ton FOB. The net offer for Brazilian standard products is $120/tonne FOB, with a FOB price of $115/ton for a sales report and $170/ton for a FOB product. The North West European producers offer Brazil a granulated ammonium sulphate price of $192-195/ton cfr. OCI’s goal is to sell granulated 2mm grade ammonium sulphate in Europe at a price of €180/ton cif and a 3mm grade at €205/ton cif.

Central America: In the tender on May 1, Incofe purchased about 24,000 tons of standard internal ammonium sulfate from Agrifert at a high of $130/ton cfr, and purchased 4,000 tons of extrusion at a median price of $170/ton cfr. Grade ammonium sulfate. It will be loaded in China from June 1st to 10th and will be shipped to Kuzal Port in Guatemala, Akayutra and El Uunion in El Salvador.

Brazil: The price of Brazilian granular ammonium sulphate has started to rise slightly due to rising seasonal demand and stronger Chinese prices. The price of extruded grade ammonium sulfate is between 175-195 US dollars / ton cfr, and the price of European granular ammonium sulfate is above 190 US dollars / ton cfr.

Brazil’s ammonium sulphate imports slowed in April

According to GTT data, Brazil’s ammonium sulphate imports fell to 77,000 tons in April, down 50% year-on-year due to lower imports from China and the Netherlands. However, from January to April this year, due to the increase in shipments in the first quarter, imports increased by 53% year-on-year to 968,000 tons.

From January to April 2019, China provided 652,000 tons of ammonium sulfate to Brazil, accounting for two-thirds of Brazil’s total imports, but only 27,000 tons were shipped to Brazil in April. It imported 31,000 tons from Belgium in April and 172,000 tons from Belgium in January-August, an increase of 77% year-on-year. From January to April this year, imports from the Netherlands fell to 34,000 tons, down 22% year-on-year, while imports from the United States more than doubled to 71,000 tons.

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