International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in the 2nd Week of October 2018

Ammonium Sulfate: International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in the 2nd Week of October 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-10-12 17:35:44

10.4-10.11 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

The price of ammonium sulfate in the global market is still strong this week. Brazil’s safrinha demand for ammonium sulphate is later than usual, which means that Chinese goods will be shipped in November. China’s standard and granular ammonium sulfate prices remain stable. North West European buyers continue to wait and see prices of urea and nitrates rise.

Turkey: It is reported that this week, the Korean caprolactam producer’s ammonium sulfate has been sold to a number of Turkish buyers at a price of US$150/tonne CFR. The purchase of ammonium sulphate in Turkey is expected to be more prevalent in the second half of November before the spring. The latest GTIS data shows that with the outbreak of the financial crisis, Turkey’s ammonium sulfate imports fell sharply in August. Imports fell from 25,000 tons in August 2017 to 3,000 tons. The depreciation of the lira also prompted Turkish suppliers to export some goods. From January to August this year, ammonium sulfate imports fell 14% year-on-year to 641,000 tons. Imports from China accounted for 50% and stabilized at 322,000 tons. However, imports from South Korea fell by 43% to only 85,000 tons, and imports from Belgium fell by 37% to 64,000 tons. Imports from Ukraine increased by 7% to 71,000 tons, and imports from Russia increased by 454% to 65,000 tons. Imports in the last four months of 2017 reached 224,000 tons. But in the same period of this year, importers are expected to reduce purchases due to the depreciation of the lira and the decline in agricultural income.

Northwestern Europe: Compound fertilizer buyers are looking at the requirements for ammonium sulphate delivery from December to January. This depends to a large extent on orders for complex fertilizers in Europe, which has been shrinking due to competition from mixed products. Northwest North American supplier offers continue to surge, with some intentions at $149-150/ton fob. Buyers are unwilling to accept. However, insufficient supply outside the Baltic/Black Sea continues to support European prices. Prices from Brazil are still at a price of $130/ton FOB Europe.

China: Strong demand and limited supply have stabilized the price of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate at $116-119/t fob China. The producers saw a rise in urea prices after the Golden Week holiday and have begun to offer $120/tonne FOB, but traders/buyers have not accepted it yet. The extruded pellets are around $150/ton fob. China’s rising price of ammonium chloride has caused some people to switch to ammonium sulphate. In addition, as environmental pressures increase, winter production is expected to decline, which may boost prices.

South Korea: Capro plans to overhaul in October, and the company’s exports will be limited until the end of the year. In the context of rising urea prices, producers will sell for more than $125/ton fob next time. Official information about providing potential fertilizer assistance to North Korea remains. South Korea’s ammonium sulphate exports fell by 12% in the first eight months of 2018, from 403,000 tons in January to August 2017 to 352,000 tons. Exports to Mexico increased by 89% to 138,000 tons. In the first half of 2018, exports to Turkey increased by one-third to 89,000 tons, while exports to New Zealand increased by 6% to 59,000 tons. Exports to India fell by 40% to 49,000 tons, Indonesia was zero this year, and from January to August 2017 it was 27,000 tons. Exports to Malaysia fell by half to 12,000 tons.

Philippines: Golden Barley has sold 12,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate, priced at $142/ton CFR Davao and 6,000 tons, and the price is $143/ton cfr Subic for an importer. These goods will be loaded from China in the second half of the month.

Indonesia: Kaltim purchased caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate in a 5,000-tonne bag at a price of $120/ton fob China and a freight rate of $20/ton. But it was not directly confirmed. About 20,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate is sold at a price of US$135/ton CFR and is loaded from China.

Vietnam: Interest in purchasing ammonium sulphate increased, with container prices quoted at $135-136/tonne CFR.

Brazil: Brazil’s buying interest has started to heat up this week, and the procurement season has been extended by about one month. It is expected that shipments of Chinese goods will decrease in November. The good quality of China’s extruded granular ammonium sulfate is priced at 199-200 US dollars / ton cfr, quoted at 203-208 US dollars / ton cfr. Other grades of Chinese granular ammonium sulfate are priced at around $190/ton cfr. Standard ammonium sulphate is stable at $150-$155/ton cfr, although some producers offer a price of $155-160/ton for goods in November. The Brazilian port recently showed that as of mid-November, 16 Brazilian vessels will carry more than 500,000 tons of ammonium sulfate. China’s exports continue to dominate, with about 400,000 tons, accounting for 88% of total exports.

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