granular nitrogen fertilizer high purity ammonium sulphate

Appearancewhite Powder
Nitrogen20.5% min
Moisture1% max
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granular nitrogen fertilizer high purity ammonium sulphate

Product description

Ammonium sulfate Nitrogen > 20.5%

Sulphur > 24%

Amino acid

Suitable for alkalinity earth

The ammonium sulfate is made from monosodium glutamate wastewater. After extract protein concentrate by flotation, then through four efficiency units and double-effect concentrator double concentrated, get the product from concentrated liquid crystalline.

Specification of Ammonium sulfate

ItemSuperior  productFirst  gradeQualifiied
ApperanceWhite  crystalsNo  visible  mechanical  impuritiesNo  visible  mechanical  impurities
Nitrogen  content  (dry  basis), %  ≥
Water  (H 2 O), %  ≤
Free  acid  (H 2 SO 4 )  content, %  ≤
Iron  (Fe)  content, %  ≤0.007
Arsenic  (As)  content, %  ≤0.00005
Heavy  metals  (pb)  content, %  ≤0.005
Water  insoluble  matter, %  ≤0.01


1. In agriculture, used for nitrogen fertilizer. It is a kind of action fertilizer which can make crops

thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and strengthen resistance to disaster, can be used for

common soil and plant in basic fertilizer or additive fertilizer and seed manure. It can be suitable

specially for soil lack of sulfur, but for acid soil, ammonium sulfate needs to be applied with lime.

2. Raw material of making compound fertilizer.

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