Caprlactam grade ammonium sulfate crystal N 21%

Appearancewhite Crystal
Nitrogen21% min
Moisture0.5% max
  • Description

Caprlactam grade ammonium sulfate crystal N 21%

Ammonium Sulfate (N 21%) Crystals

CAS No.: 7783-20-2

Molecular Formula: (NH4)2SO4

Technical Specification
AppearancePowder, Granular, Crystal
Nitrogen , % ≥ 21.0
Moisture, %    ≤ 0.5
Free acid(as H2SO4) %≤ 0.2
Water Insolubles,%≤ 0.2

Character: A kind of good nitrogen source, for its fully solubility character, widely use for irrigation purpose, suitable for normal soil condition and common crops, promote growth increase yield. Improve fruits quality, use as base, topdressing,seeds fertilizer.

Similar specifications: Coking Grade, Cyanuric acid grade, Caprolactam grade

Standard Package: 25KG BAG, 50KG BAG.


Ammonium Sulphate is one of the most common use and most typical inorganic nitrogen fertilizer.

Ammonium Sulphate is the best fast release, quick acting fertilizer, which can be directly used for a variety of soil and crops. It can also be used as kinds of seed fertilizers, base fertilizer and additional fertilizer. It is particularly suitable for the soil which lack of sulfur, low chlorine tolerance crops, sulfur-philic crops,including wheat , corn,sorghum, rice, peanuts, sunflower seed,vegetables, tobacco,cotton, sugarcane, cassava, coffee and livestock


a)Provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur

b)Meet short term sulphur deficits of crops and pastures

c)The safest nitrogen fertiliser to mix with non Superphosphate based fertilisers

d)Volatilisation of ammonia from Ammonium Sulphate is very low compared to Urea,

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