Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer

Appearancewhite Powder
Nitrogen20.5% min
Moisture1% max
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Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer

Ammonium Sulfate purity:99%
Ammonium Sulfate granular or powder/crystal
Ammonium Sulfate N-21%
Ammonium Sulfate packing:25kg 50kg 500kg 1000kg pp bag


Ammonium sulphate direct from factory,with agriculture grade, industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade.

CAS No.: 7783-20-2

HS Code:310221000

Grade: Caprolactam


Welcome different grain size requirment (custom-made grain size)!


                            Ammonium sulphate(Industrial premium grade) Pharmaceutical:
Appearance:White crystal without visible mechanical impurities
Nitrogen content(N):21.0%         min
Water content(H2O):0.2%           max
Free acid(H2SO4):0.03%         max
Iron(Fe):0.007%       max
Arsenic(As):0.00005%   max
Heavy metal(based on Pb):0.005%       max
Insoluble substance in water:0.01%         max


                                             Ammonium sulphate(Industrial first grade):
Appearance:Without visible mechanical impurities
Nitrogen content(N):21.0% min
Water content(H2O):0.3%   max
Free acid(H2SO4):0.05% max


                                             Ammonium sulphate(Agriculture grade):
Appearance:Without visible mechanical impurities
Nitrogen content(N):20.5% min
Water content(H2O):1.0%max
Free acid(H2SO4):0.2%max


Packing: High quality plastic lined paper bags, plastic woven bags or paper bags of 50kgs net each.At customer’s option.


Ammonium sulphate direct from factory, if you want better quality ammonium sulphate, please feel free to contact us. The higher quality requriment the better.

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