International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the first week of December 2018

Ammonium sulphate: International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the first week of December 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-12-7 16:13:57

12.3-12.7 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

Turkey: In the past few weeks, Turkish buyers have been looking for sources of ammonium sulphate, many of which will arrive in December/January. The last purchase price of Turkish buyers was $160/ton cfr Korea and $150/ton cfr China. The exchange rate is 6.5. Since Brazil’s procurement season has ended, and most European buyers have sufficient supply before January next year, the goal is to keep the unpaid tariffs below $140 per ton, so buyers continue to drive down prices. This is equivalent to China’s FOB price of 114-115 US dollars per ton. On December 20-25, 30,000 tons (+/- 5%) of bulk ammonium sulphate was shipped from Qingdao to Iskenderun. The shipping cost from China to Turkey is $34/ton.

Baltic/Black Sea: Last weekend, Russian producer Mechel agreed to supply 1,500-2,000 tons of ammonium sulphate to Lithuania at a price of $120/ton. The goods have not yet been approved by the Russian railway authorities. The price of this shipment has increased by $10/ton from the price of the last shipment in November. It is unclear whether Russian steel producer NLMK will export ammonium sulphate in December. NLMK negotiated with Phosagro for the November-December price at the end of October, but is still discussing the December supply. The Ukrainian demilitarized zone has a negotiated good 800 tons of ammonium sulphate shipments in November, and steel producer ArcelorMittal is also expected to provide some December ammonium sulphate cargo.

Ukraine: The extruded particulate grade ammonium sulphate shipped from Belarus is quoted at 7800 – 7900 / t cpt (280-283 US dollars / ton).

North West Europe: Near Christmas, market buying interest has weakened. According to reports, the price of standard grade ammonium sulfate in December was $150/ton fob NW Europe. The net price of Brazil is close to $130/ton fob NW European standard.

China: This week, the price range of the talks increased. The buyer lowered the bid price to 114-115 USD/ton FOB. The seller offered 119-120 USD/ton FOB. The actual transaction was 116-118 USD/ton FOB. There are 6,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate quoted at $120/ton FOB Nanjing. The extruded granular ammonium sulfate is $150-155/ton fob, and the MMA grade is $100-105/ton fob. Due to the pressure of environmental protection supervision, domestic construction is basically maintained at around 60%, so sellers are not willing to lower export prices. Demand in Brazil has begun to slow down, and the final shipments are expected to be shipped from China in mid-December.

Malaysia: FPM purchased 36,000 tons of MMA grade ammonium sulphate and unloaded from two ports.

Philippines: 6,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate won by Atlas on December 7 arrived in Sangi this month. It will be used as a raw material. The price is shown at $140/ton cfr.

South Korea: South Korea exported 459,000 tons of ammonium sulphate from January to November 2018, down 7% from 494,000 tons in the same period in 2017. Turkey is still the main importer, with a total of 196,000 tons, an increase of 62% over the same period of 121,000 tons, while Mexico imported 138,000 tons. In the first 11 months of this year, South Korea’s exports to New Zealand fell from 85,000 tons to 59,000 tons, and exports to India fell 40% to 49,000 tons.

Brazil: Two batches of ammonium sulphate cargo with a total weight of more than 50,000 tons will be shipped to Brazil in northwestern Europe by mid-December. Prices have not changed much, and the price of extruded granular ammonium sulfate produced in China is 190-195 US dollars / ton. There are also prices below $190/ton cfr. European granular ammonium sulfate is quoted at $05-210/tonne and delivered in December. Standard grade ammonium sulfate is $150/ton cfr China, $155/ton cfr Europe.

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