International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the 4th week of January 2018

Ammonium sulphate: International market trend of ammonium sulphate in the 4th week of January 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-1-26 17:21:10

1.18-1.25 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

In the global ammonium sulfate market, prices are stable due to low interest in spot trading activities. Quotations in northwestern Europe continue to rise, the same as the strong euro, but for European buyers there is only a small supply. Demand for Brazil in February and March has not yet appeared, and only Mexican buyers are asking about recent sources of supply.

China: In the next month, prices will stabilize at $112-118/tonne FOB. It is reported that domestic prices are weakening, but the inventory is still at the level of 120,000 tons. There is currently a single 8-9000 tons of goods on the market, from February 5-10, from Zhangpu to Cagayan and Davao in the Philippines.

Turkey: In late January, a ship in Longkou and Tianjin loaded 46,500 tons of ammonium sulphate and sent it to Arriaga, purchased by Gubretas of Bestwin. It is understood that these products include caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate and steel grade ammonium sulfate, and the price of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate is lower than 140 US dollars / ton CFR. Currently, AFT is loading 45,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate to the southern port.

Brazil: At the industry conference held in São Paulo this week, the prices of most merchants were flat. The price of standard products is maintained in the range of 140-145 US dollars / ton CFR, and the price of pellets is 165-190 US dollars / ton.

Northwestern Europe: Supported by the strong euro, the price of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate in Western Europe is firm at 145-150 USD/ton FOB, but there is no confirmed transaction at this price. The price of granular ammonium sulfate supplied by LANXESS is $185/tonne FOB.

Japan: During the period from February 9 to 13, there was a single 8,000 tons of goods on the market, from Ube to Sandakan in Malaysia.

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