International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in the 2nd Week of December 2018

Ammonium Sulfate: International Market Trend of Ammonium Sulfate in the 2nd Week of December 2018

Source: Zhongyu Information Date: 2018-12-14 16:15:36

12.06-12.13 International Market Trends (from foreign sources)

Baltic/Black Sea: The Ukrainian demilitarized zone plans to bid for 800 tons of ammonium sulphate on December 17, and the offer price of $100/ton cpt Kherson was rejected, and the manufacturer’s intention price was $120/ton cpt Kherson. Steel producer ArcelorMittal also released a tender for the December tender for ammonium sulphate. In December Kuibyshevazot no extra ammonium sulfate can be shipped. Due to strong domestic demand, it is expected that products will not be exported in January. In addition, demand for ammonium sulphate in Kazakhstan has increased from last year. Russian steel producer NLMK also did not have ammonium sulfate for export in December. It is mainly supplied to Phosagro and local farmers for sale.

Lithuania: It is reported that Lithuanian buyers have signed 50,000 tons of ammonium sulphate from Chinese traders in January, but did not disclose the price, about $116/ton fob or $140/ton cfr.

North West Europe: Before Christmas, the market buying atmosphere cooled. Standard grade ammonium sulphate is priced at $140/ton fob in northwest Europe, granular grade ammonium sulphate is priced at $175-180/ton fob in northwest Europe, and Brazilian granular grade is at $180/ton fob in northwest Europe.

South Korea: There is no official news about South Korean demand and it is expected to be announced during the New Year. South Korea’s ammonium sulfate exports fell from 493,512 tons in January-October 2017 to 458,644 tons in January-October 2018, a drop of 13%. Exports to Turkey and Mexico have increased, but sales to the Asian market have fallen sharply.

China: Despite the decline in demand from Brazil, the Chinese ammonium sulphate market remains balanced. Affected by environmental protection and domestic demand began to boost, the domestic start-up is around 60%. Export sales are relatively slow, with prices staying at $116-118/ton fob. The trader/buyer’s intention is to push the next purchase price to $114-115/ton fob. The price of granular ammonium sulfate is 150-155 US dollars / ton fob.

Indonesia: This time, a total of 5,000 tons of caprolactam grade ammonium sulfate arrived in Hong Kong, the price is 133 US dollars / ton cfr. China’s container shipping costs are 8-10 US dollars / ton.

Brazil: Although urea prices have recently declined, prices have remained generally stable. China’s extruded granular ammonium sulfate is quoted at $190-195/ton cfr, while European goods are priced at $205-208/ton cfr. The demand for safrinha is likely to continue until January and February, especially for buyers in southern Brazil. Therefore, goods shipped from China will arrive at the port at the end of January at the latest in order to take into account delays in unloading. As of mid-January, 312,000 tons of cargo ships will arrive at the Brazilian port. This is more than 100,000 tons less than last week. Except for goods from Belgium, all ammonium sulfate comes from China.

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