Горячая продажа аммония Сульфат гранулированных удобрений

Внешностьбелый Гранулированный
азот20.5% мне
влажность1.5% Максимум
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Горячая продажа аммония Сульфат гранулированных удобрений


Гранулированный сульфат аммония

Items стандарт Результат испытаний
Внешность No visible mechanical impurities None
азот 20.5% мне 20.8
свободная кислота (H2SO4) 0.5 % Максимум 0.08
влажность 1 % Максимум 0.42
Воднонерастворимое0.1% Максимум0.08


Usage: Nitrogenous in agricultural industry.


1.Ammonium sulfate containing nitrogen, sulfur, two kinds of nutrient elements, mainly used as nitrogen fertilizer, is also one of the important of sulphur in the world. Compared with other nitrogen fertilizer such as urea,ammonium carbonate , нитрат аммония, ammonium chloride ect, ammonium sulfate has the characteristics of high degree of decomposition and critical relative humidity, therefore, the chemical and physical properties is the most stable, not easy to damp agglomerate;

2.Ammonium Sulphate do not contain harmful ingredients such as chlorine and biuret, suitable for compound fertilizer material, suitable for more common crops, including wheat, corn, рис, cotton and all kinds of economic crops;As ammonium nitrogen fertilizer effect is fast, suitable for fertilizer and seed manure and basal.Is suitable for ammonium sulfate sulfur deficiency, alkaline soil, Like sulfur crops such as citrus, soybeans, sugar cane, sweet potato, peanut and tea production effect is more obvious.It is important to note that belongs to the physiological acidic ammonium sulfate fertilizer, in acid soils or the same plot should be with right amount lime or continuous application of organic fertilizer.

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