Nemzetközi piaci trend ammónium-szulfát, a 4. héten április 2019

ammónium-szulfát: Nemzetközi piaci trend ammónium-szulfát, a 4. héten április 2019
Forrás: Zhongyu információk dátuma: 2019-4-26 14:28:54
4.18-4.25 International Market Trends (külföldi forrásból)

Kína: Kína hazai tiamin árak továbbra is erős a korlátozott export ammónium-szulfát. Domestic spring demand is expected to end in April. However, due to the overhaul of the equipment, the supply will still be tight. The producer’s target price is $113-115/ton fob, while the downstream bid is $109-111/ton fob. A jelentések szerint, the sales price shipped to Southeast Asia this week was 111-113 Amerikai dollár / ton fob. Manufacturers quoted extrusion grade ammonium sulfate shipment price in May was 145-147 Amerikai dollár / ton fob, higher than last week’s 142-147 Amerikai dollár / ton fob, reflecting the standard grade ammonium sulfate market is relatively strong. The price of granular products is $161-164/ton fob.

Philippines: Farmix has purchased 6000-7000 tons of internal grade ammonium sulphate at a price of $111/ton fob, which was shipped from China in May. This is equivalent to $136/ton cfr Poro Point.

Vietnam: A small amount of Chinese-made internal ammonium sulfate is sold as a container at a price of US$126/ton cfr.

Malaysia: Agromate recently inquired about the 20,000-ton MMA-grade product shipped in May, but the company did not purchase it because of the inappropriate price. Last week, Malaysia’s MMA level for East Asia (non-China) was around $120/ton.

Black Sea: Kuibyshevazot did not have ammonium sulphate cargo from Black Sea in May. The manufacturer will deliver about 12,000 tons of standard products to domestic buyers, every 50 kg bags (equivalent to 155-156 Amerikai dollár / tónus), and the ex-factory price is 10,000 rubles per ton (ÁFA nélkül). In addition, Kuibyshevazot sold 2,000 tons of standard ammonium sulphate to a buyer in Hungary at the equivalent of $130/ton FOB. ArcelorMittal and the Ukrainian demilitarized zone (DMZ) held a tender for the sale of approximately 3,000 tons and 800 tonna ammónium-szulfát, which will be shipped on April 25. The bidding results are still unclear.

Nyugat-Európa: It is reported that a European buyer purchased 3,000 tons of standard internal grade ammonium sulfate at a price of 115 euros/ton FOB (equivalent to $129/ton FOB). The FOB price in the Brazilian market is around $120/ton.

Közép-Amerika: Incofe completed a tender on April 23, which will purchase 10,000 tonna ammónium-szulfát, which will be shipped to Corinto, Nicaragua, Caldera, Costa Rica, and Buenaventura, Colombia, from June 1st to 10th, and with DAP, MAP and Use other fertilizers together. The buyer requested 8,400-8,900 extrusion grade ammonium sulphate and 1,950 ton standard internal grade products. Ameropa won the bid. A jelentések szerint, the FOB price of standard products will return to 113-115 Amerikai dollár / tónus.

Brazília: The Brazilian market is still in the off-season mode and demand is expected to pick up in May. Sales of compacted/granulated products are calculated on a quality basis and cost per shipping plus shipping costs of $170-190. The current price of WZF products is 185-186 Amerikai dollár / ton cfr. Standard grade products are $140-145/ton cfr. In May, 30,000-3.5 million standard grade products will be shipped to Brazil in northwestern Europe at a price of $145/ton cfr.

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