To be honest and trustworthy

honesty is a necessary condition for the development of an enterprise; Integrity is the source of social harmony Integrity is the cornerstone of personal success;Integrity is a good family style; Integrity, realize China’s dream as soon as possible.

Created a good faith sky

Having good faith is like having a paddle for a boater, and a tree feller has a sharp axe like an eagle with a pair of wings. The beauty of the soul is the real beauty. Through the keynote speech of “Striving to be an honest and trustworthy employee”, we believe that all employees will adhere to the integrity of integrity and everyone strives to be a pioneer in integrity.

Fire drills were held in the temporary evacuation

Through fire drills, the safety awareness and fire fighting capabilities of all participants have been enhanced. All employees have a better understanding of fire safety common sense and their ability to respond to fire has been improved. During the fire drill, the organizational, command and resilience of each exercise team was also exercised. Safety is no small matter, prevent problems before they happen; safety work should always be unremitting! In the next step, the company will invite professionals to conduct safety knowledge training for all employees, [...]

Honesty is the essence of a noble character

we will take a look at some honest deeds of ancient times and modern times, as well as the integrity of contemporary enterprises. Founding the story, made a speech with vivid language, eloquently stated the truth of “sincerely wins the world” and stated that honesty is the essence of a noble character.

Found the scenery looks like movies by this trip

The transparent glass skywalk is perpendicular with the cliff, it is built according to the shape of the mountain, it has attracting scenery and is called “a road of the sky”. We stand on the transparent glass and looked valleys below, it looks standing just in the air. We not only had a great view, but also had stressful and pleasant feeling Happy time always passed quickly, everybody did not enjoy themselves enough, but the setting sun is came out, so we went [...]